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Features  Personal Basic Complete Deluxe
 Disk Space & Traffic
 Web Space   500MB 500MB 700MB 1,800MB
 Monthly Traffic  10GBs 20GBs 30GBs 80GBs
Hits / Month  ~5,000,000 ~5,000,000 ~5,000,000 ~5,000,000
 POP3/SMTP server  
 E-mail addresses (POP3/SMTP), aliases, 
forwarders, autoresponders  
20 50 200 800
 Catch-all email account  
Spam Filter and Virus Blocker 
Support for external email servers 
 Site Management Tools
 Web-based Control Panel  
Domain accessible with or without 'www' 
 FTP access 24/7  
 Secure FTP/SCP access 24/7    
 Anonymous FTP server access 24/7       15 users at a time 30 users at a time
 Telnet/SSH access  
 Detailed Traffic Statistics  
 Access to Raw Log Files  
 Custom Error Pages  
 No ads or banners on your site!  
Features  Personal Basic Complete Deluxe
 Free Software / Scripts
 Advanced Features
 CGI-BIN, CGI execution on any directory    
 Crontab (cron jobs)    
 Subdomains (         10
 Extra/sub accounts 
(with their own usernames/passwords)  
 Domain pointers/aliases 
(multiple domains pointing to the same web site) 
One-time $25 set up fee per extra domain. 
 SSI (Server Side Includes)
no EXEC on accounts without CGI capabilities  
 Password protected directories  
 Support for .htaccess files  
 Custom DNS settings  
 SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption        
 128-bit secure certificate         $149.00 (Optional, per year)
Features  Personal Basic Complete Deluxe
 Database/Programming Languages/Tools
 PHP4 & PHP5 (PHP5 by request)    
 Perl, C/C++, Python    
 Perl modules: DBI, XML and hundreds of others    
MySQL 5    
 phpMyAdmin (by request)    
 Command line editors: emacs, vi, joe, nano, pico    
 Miva Empresa    
 Multimedia Support
Macromedia Flash and Shockwave® 
 Windows Media Player, RealAudio®/Video, Quicktime, MPEG, and others 
(all via HTTP streaming)  
Support for MIDI, IPIX, Fractal images, 
PNG images, VRML, and more. 
 Support for hundreds of file formats  
 Payment Terms
Monthly Price   $9.95 $14.95 $24.95 $44.95
 New Domain Registration (Optional)   $24.95 $24.95 $24.95 $24.95
Setup Fee $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $30.00
15 day money back guarantee 
Features  Personal Basic Complete Deluxe

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